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Red Komodo Camera Package

RED Komodo | Ready-To-Shoot Package

(1) RED Komodo 6K
(1) Sachtler FSB8 Fluid Head & Flowtech Legs
(1) Tilta Full Cage
(1) Tilta Top Plate
(1) Tilta Adapter Plate for 15mm LWS Baseplate
(1) TItla Right-Side Wooden Handle Type I
(1) Tilta NATO Rail Adapter for Right-Side Focus Handle
(1) Tilta Quick Release Top Handle
(1) Tilta 15mm LWS Baseplate
(1) Tilta Arca Quick Release Plate Type II
(1) Tilta Manfrotto-Type Quick Release Plate Type II
(1) Tilta Dual Canon BP-V-Mount Battery Plate Adapter
(1) Tilta Monitor Mount
(2) 15mm Rods
(2) 512GB RED Pro C-Fast Card
(1) RED C-Fast 2.0 Card Reader
(1) RED C-Fast 2.0 USB-A to USB-C

(1) SmallHD Cine 7" On-Camera Monitor
(4) Sony NP-F970
(1) Sony NP-F Battery Charger
(1) SDI to SDI

Choice of:
(6) BP Battery + Charger or (3) V-Mount Battery + Charger4 45wh Batteries

Red Komodo Camera Package

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